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What They’re Saying

Our experience with Robin Williams MS, BCBA, has been very rewarding for the child, parents, and the classroom teachers.    Her communication skills, warmth, and authentic desire to help children be successful create a safe environment for everyone.  We have seen huge strides made in a very short time.

Patty Moser, Executive Director
Trinity Child Development Center
Orlando, FL

Working with Mrs. Williams has been my pleasure. The information she provides to our newly hired staff is always excellent and truly follows our mission. Thank you, Mrs. Williams, for all you do for YOI!

Crystal A. Johnson
Director of Staff Development
and Training 
Youth Opportunity Investments (Florida)

You grace us all with your perfect blend of firm professionalism and compassion and grace - never condescending in your guidance - so he is free to expand his skills and I am more empowered in my ability to teach him and... well... just be the mom I want to be to him.

Jennifer Randall, mom

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