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Robin is standing and training a group. Several people are standing around her listening.

Promoting positive behavior change through education, training, and coaching.

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Simpliying Behavior

Simplify Behavior, led by the visionary founder Robin Williams, is a team of seasoned professionals boasting a collective experience of over 65 years in education, applied behavior analysis, and human resources/team building. Dedicated to fostering positive behavior change, we utilize our expertise in education, training, and coaching to simplify the principles of behavior science.

Our mission revolves around promoting evidence-based practices to empower staff in creating more connected professional communities. Through training and technical assistance, we break down barriers to inclusion and belonging, reshape mindsets, and instigate positive behavior change. By identifying growth potential, encouraging the application of essential skills, fostering cultural humility, and implementing effective training procedures, we guide teams and individuals toward positive outcomes.

Our focus extends to both the private sector and governmental entities, where we strive to simplify behavior science principles for application in various settings. Our goal is to assist individuals in making positive changes and progressing toward personal, professional, and organizational objectives.

Robin Williams, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Professional Educator with 25 years of experience, spearheads our efforts. Her extensive background includes supporting staff, families, and educators of students with disabilities, offering professional development, curricula writing, and consultation across school districts and correctional facilities nationwide. Passionate about the transformative power of Applied Behavior Analysis, Robin's areas of expertise include ABA and Trauma Informed Practice, ABA in Juvenile Justice Settings, and ABA and  equity in education.  As a wife and mom of twin teenage daughters, she finds essential self-care in spicy Thai food, beach days, and long runs, embodying her Florida native spirit.


We support a variety of clients in education and corrections spaces, providing exceptional  training and consulting services that are catered specifically to their needs.   


Training Topics

  • Creating Connected Communities: E3 Framework for Equity

  • Put On Your Oxygen Mask!: Self-Care for Educators

  • "What Happened To You? " - Supporting Students Who've Experienced Trauma

  • Managing Intensive Behavior in the Classroom

  • Evidence Based Practices for Instruction and Engagement

  • It's all about Relationships - Behavior 101

inside of a prison common area

Training Topics

  • Creating Connected Communities: E3 Framework for Equity

  • Historical and Cultural Trauma in ABA

  • Considerations for Using ABA Within Juvenile Justice Settings

  • It's all about Relationships - Behavior 101


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