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Making Behavior Change S.I.M.P.L.E - Tip 6

We are at the final tip for making positive behavior changes in 2020.

My hope is that you have read all 5 before this one and have been actively working to:

Start with the vision:

WRITE OUT YOUR GOALS. Behaviors need to be clearly defined in order to be modified or improved.

Implement with integrity and Measure your progress:

USE TECH TOOLS to help you self monitor your changes and actions. It also helps to have accountability partners to encourage you on your journey of self transformation.

Plan for failure:

MAKE YOUR IF-THEN PLANS. Think of all the contingencies that could happen within your plan, the "what ifs" of the process, and prepare for them.

Link up with those you want to be like:

GET A MENTOR. We all need behavior role models to show us the how.

The final tip for making behavior change simple is to

Envision your success.

While this is the final tip, you should be doing this throughout your entire journey toward making positive changes. In the same way that we must think of what will happen if we get derailed, we must be simultaneously envisioning what success looks and feels like.

If your goals include getting healthy in 2020, imagine what you will feel like when you lose that first 10 pounds or when you can wog (walk+jog) that first 5K.

If your goals include improving parenting skills in 2020, imagine what you will feel like when your child makes it through Target with no tantrums.

If your goals include starting a business in 2020, imagine what it will feel like when you make that first sale!

Envision your success and propel yourself towards positive change. You can do it!

And I've got your back.

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