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A Mother's Gratitude

Dear Robin,

Since you started working with my precious son several months after he was diagnosed with Autism last year, he has gone through such a tremendous transformation that I struggle to put my gratitude in words.  I will try, but please know my feeble attempt will pale in comparison to the depth it resonates within my heart.

The first thing that comes to mind is the PEACE we now have since that my little guy no longer experiences the dreaded meltdowns, which would be a blessing for any family, but with my older daughter's debilitating health struggles, it has been a LIFE-SAVER!

How can I express what a relief it is to see you work along side us with his feeding and potty struggles with the same dedication as his dad & I do, and how delightful it is to see such an obvious mutual love and respect between you and my dear son?!   You grace us all with your perfect blend of firm professionalism and compassion and grace - never condescending in your guidance - so he is free to expand his skills and I am more empowered in my ability to teach him and... well... just be the mom I want to be to him.  You help me to see the little things he needs and to break down his tasks into bite-sized goals so our transitions are smoother, cleaner, and we're able to maintain our victories so we can move on to another objective.  Each success brings a greater sense of confidence in me as well as for him.

If ever I needed someone that has truly found her calling, and if ever I needed someone I could trust to help me secure the strength of my child's future, it is at this time in our lives!  So when I say that I am so very grateful for all that you do for and how much you care about my sweet little boy, it simply does not do justice for what I feel!

Jenn Randall

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